“As a traditional birth attendant, I became very interested in knowing more about danger signs in pregnancy”

A story of individual change from Bauchi state

I am the first of my husband’s three wives. I have ten children. I am a petty trader and a traditional birth attendant.

Through all my previous pregnancies and childbirths, I experienced many problems. I suffered from headaches, sharp cramps, dizziness and fever. Thankfully, I never had a miscarriage. I had all my ten children alive.

I never knew that most of these illnesses were danger signs in pregnancy which could lead to complications for the mother and her child. All through my life I thought that pregnant women must pass through these illnesses and problems, whether they liked it or not. I also didn’t know that doing heavy work while pregnant could lead to complications.

When I watched the docudrama and saw what happened to Fatima, I realized that she suffered because of a lack of rest. Even when she complained about backache and feelings of depression, nobody cared because her family members lacked knowledge on danger signs. During delivery, it also took time for Fatima to give birth and eventually the baby died.

As a traditional birth attendant, I became very interested in knowing more about danger signs in pregnancy and child birth, their causes and prevention.

I try to explain it to the people around me. When conducting deliveries, I try to create a conducive environment for the mother and child. I sweep the room neatly, prepare clean clothes to receive the baby, wash my hands with soap and salt before receiving the baby, use a new razor blade to cut the umbilical cord and make sure the mother breast feeds her child with the first milk before bathing the mother. If I notice that a pregnant woman is bleeding during labor, or is having prolonged labor, fits or convulsion, I refer her to the hospital where she can receive proper medical care.

Allah be praised! I have seen great improvement in my activities. I conduct better deliveries now and I thank your organization for empowering me with knowledge.

I have a better understanding of the danger signs during pregnancy and child birth. This has helped me to better perform my traditional birth practices.

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