Demo social audit

In April 2006, CIET initiated a demonstration social audit of health service performance and information needs in Bauchi and Cross River states.

Maternal health social audit

In 2009 we started the social audit on maternal health. Field teams interviewed 25,745 women aged 15-49 in Bauchi and Cross River. Based on information from these interviews, we later held focus group discussions.

Child health social audit

In early 2011 we began the social audit on child health. Field teams spoke to mothers and care givers of 22,544 children 0-47 months. Field teams later conducted focus group discussions. 

SEPA activities

The social audits were designed with an increased emphasis on socialising the evidence for participatory action (SEPA). We engaged in three key SEPA activities: workshopping around scorecards, docudrama screenings and household visits.

Course in Epidemiology: Module 1 & 2

The first two modules of the course in epidemiology and evidence-based planning took place in Abuja, Nigeria, in February and June, 2011 and were each two weeks long.

Course in Epidemiology: Module 3

Module three of the course in epidemiology took place in Calabar, Cross River State, from 14 May to 1 June, 2012.


University seminar series

Public lectures across Canada on maternal, newborn and child health. Read More

Equity in maternal health

A short IDRC video that addresses equity in maternal health in Nigeria. Read More

Safe birth in cultural safety

In Nigeria and Mexico, we work to assure safe birth in cultural safety. Visit our Safe Birth website



Maternal health social audit

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